Terry Linscott

Husband  |  Father  |  Pastor  |  Leader

Terry is a devoted, family man who has established leadership principles in every area of his life.  He is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Radcliff, Kentucky.  Terry has served in the ministry since 1993 and was an associate for 18 years before taking on the Senior Pastor role in 2020.  He has spent his years in ministry training and developing into the strong, equipped and zealous leader he is today with a passion to impart leadership qualities in those around him.

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My Story

I grew up in a military home and settled in Radcliff, Kentucky.  Even though I was brought up in church, I never really understood what a relationship with Jesus Christ looked like. When I met Shawnta, my wife, in 1991, I was introduced to a real, tangible relationship with the Lord.  At the age of 18, God showed me a vision of a Bible and a soccer ball. I knew in that moment, my life was marked for Him.  I chose the Bible and have devoted the past 30 years to serving the Lord.


My ministerial journey began as the youth minister over U-Turn Youth Ministry. I learned how to become a Timothy under the leadership of Apostle Jimmy Squires and Pastor Marty Squires, learning valuable principles that have shaped my life and ministry.  In 2020, I stepped into the role of Senior Pastor, leading a growing congregation while inspiring leaders through the Anointed Leadership Podcast.

I am in love with my beautiful bride, Shawnta, and we are enjoying life with our four children, three daughters-in-laws, and three grandchildren.  Together, we are seeing our dreams come to pass as we have dedicated our lives and service to the Kingdom.


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